Starting A Business

Sick and tired of working for someone else? Perhaps you’re looking for more freedom? Spend more time with the kids etc.. Becoming an entrepreneur, and starting your own business could potentially be the best thing you’ve ever done. You can set your own schedule, not the at the mercy of somebody else and with any luck make more money then you ever could doing the 9-5 grind.

Well, starting a successful and thriving business isn’t as easy as you might think. If it was, every Tom, Dick and Harry would be in business. Approximately 25% of startups go out of business within the first 12 months, and as many as 50% fail before they reach year 4.

Don’t let that worry though, there are many things you can do so you don’t end up a statistic. First you need to clear your mind of all negativity, and gather all the information that is available to get your business idea up and running on the right foot. Get ready for long hours, sleepless nights and low pay. Starting a business is not for the fainthearted, but if you put the work in you will be rewarded. All businesses start with an idea…

Cheap Business Ideas


Many thriving small businesses was started on a shoestring budget. Some of these firms were started on less than $100 and now have annual marketing budgets in the hundreds of millions. Getting started with a cheap business idea is difficult but not impossible, all that’s needed is a good idea plenty of determination and a pinch of luck.

The key is finding something you have, whether that is an ability or a tangible product and trading that for finances. From the initial stages you can take what amounts to little more than a job and a cheap business idea into a thriving business.

Outdoor Business Ideas

If you can’t stand to sit inside all day, working outside could be your thing. For some people, especially those that of the stuck inside in a cubicle for many years, starting a business that merely works outdoors is a dream. Of course there are standard outdoor business ideas, such as landscaper and window washer, as well as some of the more crazy options.

Mobile Business Ideas

Some of the best business ideas, could be even better if we just took them mobile. Making the business mobile, gives extra value and convenience to your customers. Which in today’s convenience driven economy can only be a good thing.

The plus side for the business owner are numerous, you can charge much higher rates, then a static business and people will normally be willing to pay the extra. Everyday you also have a new office. However mobile business ideas are also at the mercy of fuel costs, many combat this by charging a fuel surcharge.

Home Party Business Ideas

Who likes parties? Maybe the question is who doesn’t like parties? The home party business is just what it sounds like. You throw a party at your house or somebody else’s, socialize, drink wine, eat cheese and you make money. You don’t need any more convincing do you?

The home party business is huge business, and not quite as simple as i previously mentioned. It’s approximately $30 billion business in the United States.

Sometimes referred to as direct selling, and it’s come a long way since its early beginnings of housewives pushing makeup and perfume. You can have a home party business, that sells anything from wine to personal security or even spy equipment.

There are a lot of people, making a lot of money from home business ideas.

Environmental Business Ideas

Going green is huge right now, never has been environmentally friendly concerned businesses as much as it currently does. Some businesses who have not moved quickly enough to become green, are feeling a negative impact on sales and revenue. While those who are at the forefront of the green movement are seeing profits rise.

The whole eco-friendly movement started in the early 1970s and has been gaining steam ever since. Some technologies and advancements over the years have had negative effects on the world we live in. Not only are businesses trying to reverse this, but they are actively trying to improve the environment they do business in.

Businesses are also now been held accountable for the impact they have on the environment around them and globally. This has spawned a whole new multi million dollar industry. If you are passionate about the environment, now is a great time to start a green business.

Tourism Business Ideas

The tourism industry is growing year on year, it is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Without the tourism businesses many countries would struggle, especially those in the Caribbean. As would many areas of the United States, for instance tourist hotspots like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have little to no industry other than tourism.

If you’re thinking about getting to the tourism business, now is a great time, while the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Business Ideas For College Students

There’s no getting around it, even with scholarships College is expensive. Decimated the average cost of the year of college was around $23,000 per year. This is a daunting prospect for many. You can however mitigate the costs by working, finding scholarships. Very few take the opportunity to make the bold decision of starting a business.

It’s a great time to start a business, you’re surrounded by people who were full of energy, willing to help and in lecturers in veritable font of knowledge. That knowledge once you graduate can cost you a fortune. Get the helpful free now.

Business Ideas for Small Towns

Running a business in a small town can potentially have many upsides but unfortunately many downsides. Urban areas generally offer much better infrastructure more competitive pricing and not to mention more people to sell to. The small town entrepreneur looks at these things and then views them as a positive.

More people equals more competition, living in a small town you have a captive audience. Advertising will be cheaper, and anybody living in a small town can tell you word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, unfortunately that goes for bad press as well as good. Less competition for retail space will mean cheaper rent.

 Unusual Business Ideas 

What makes an unusual business idea an unusual business idea? Some people put bread on the table by doing jobs or running businesses that some people have never even heard of.

Just because they’re unusual doesn’t mean they’re not profitable. In fact just the opposite is true. Some unusual businesses are cleaning up while other more main stream businesses happen to be stuck in a rut just spin their wheels, all fighting each other for customers. Very often they face less competition and become very specialized in that particular niches, doing ver little marketing or advertising.